• Ep 18: Question & Answer 3


    Today will be our last episode of this season and we thank you all for following us and tuning in each week. As a way of thanking you we have once again decided to do a question and answer episode. We hope that you leave today feeling enlightened and with the answers you seek.

  • Ep 17: The Rights of Orphans


    Dear brothers and sisters, Children have many rights in Islam, but what happens to these rights in the unfortunate case when the parents have passed on from this world? What happens to the child when they are left alone, weak and helpless? Who is responsible for them? And what are their rights? Find out Islam's view on orphans this week.

  • Ep 16: Question & Answer 2


    Dear brothers and sisters, As before we have many questions come through and wanted to take this opportunity to answer them in detail. We are again dedicating an entire to covering these topics and queries and we hope you will find the answers you seek.

  • Ep 15: Question & Answer


    Dear brothers and sisters, Today we have an extra special episode for you all. We have been honoured to received many of your questions and queries and in order to give them the time they deserve we have decided to dedicate this entire episode to topics you want to learn more about. We hope you will find the answers enlightening, inshallah.

  • Ep 14: Sincerity


    Dear brothers and sisters, Almost all people agree that sincerity is a good attribute for any person; be they a head of a state or a citizen, a professor or a layman, or of wealth or poverty. Sincerity also has a special importance in trading and markets. Businesses strive to gain customers, through quality, trust and proposed sincere services and commitment. So, what is sincerity in Islam? What is its importance? And how does sincerity relates to intention?

  • Ep 12: Sharia Law


    The term Sharia is common nowadays. It is mentioned in the news, in articles, in discussions, by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. You will find the term Sharia in books and media dealing with; Islam, religious practices, cultures, social reforms, and politics. But what is Sharia law and how does it relates to other world laws? What is its importance in Islam? What are the main objectives of Sharia?

  • Ep 11: People With Special Needs


    Dear brothers and sisters, Life is full of events and situations of all kinds, good and bad. We all face tests, hardships, and trials in life, and they differ from one person to another, be it physical, emotional, psychological, economical, or otherwise. But we all face them. There are many people who are particularly tested with lacking some of the abilities that most others enjoy; those with special needs. But, just what qualifies as special needs? What are the considerations for them and their rights? How does Islam regard them and what allowances are they afforded? Find out this week on Understanding Islam.

  • Ep 10: Seeking Knowledge


    Out of all the different human abilities, one the most essential is the ability to gain and increase knowledge, to preserve it, and to transfer it to others. The progress of humanity relies on knowledgeable scholars and experts in every field of science and in every aspect of life. Knowledgeable scholars are like the stars in the sky, or more like satellites and GPS in our modern days, guiding people in darkness while they are traveling in the middle of the ocean, deep in the forest or in the middle of the desert. If they disappear or fail, people would lose their way. A common question is the relationship between knowledge and religion and is a topic of much debate. How does Islam regard understanding? And what is the importance of seeking knowledge in Islam?

  • Ep 09: Neighbors in Islam


    Humans are social creatures. For them to survive, they need to interact with each other on all levels. They need to live in an integrated society, where people can enjoy companionship with their families, friends and neighbors. One of the most important social interactions is relations with neighbors. The Islamic religion has various humanitarian dimensions. This is clearly evident when we look at the number of beautiful behaviors urged by Islam towards all people, Muslims and non-Muslims. One of these beautiful aspects is the guidance of relations with neighbors.

  • Ep 08: Charity In Islam


    Charity is essential in Islam. It is so important that it is considered one of the pillars of the faith. One cannot be a true Muslim without practicing regular charity. But what exactly is charity? What are the types of charity? How much charity can be given in Islam? And what are the benefits and rewards for those practicing charity?

  • Ep 07: Family and Marriage


    Family plays a great role in everybody's life. It is the first thing we know in our lives and it has an everlasting effect on us and on our future. That is why Islam has laid great emphasis on family life and marriage relationships. So, what are the basics for family in Islam? What are the main rules and regulations? How can the family be built and maintained? And as sadly happens sometimes, how can this relationship end?

  • Ep 06: Mercy for the World


    What was the aim of the Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) great Message? What was the scope of its teachings and applications? What was the impact of this Message on the world? Does it have what it takes to help make the world a better place? This week we take a look at the mercy of the Messenger (PBUH) and the merciful guidance of Islam.

  • Ep 04: Parent/Child relationships


    Family ties and relationships are very significant in Islam. Parents in particular have a special status in Islam as they are the core of the family and the building blocks of society. Islam urges people to honor, respect, obey, and treat their parents well. Muslims are under obligation to treat their parents kindly, softly and with good manners.

  • Ep 05: Rights Of The Child


    Children are the beauty of this world. When we speak about children, we are speaking about tomorrow's youth. The next generation, and future hope. The generation that will undertake the responsibility and complete the march of life. We have discussed parents’ rights and filial duties towards them in last week’s episode. Now it is time to discuss children rights and parental duties towards them. So, what are the rights of the child? At what age does the child deserve these rights? When are they applied, and for how long? Find this week on Understanding Islam.

  • Ep 03: Morals and Ethics


    As you know, Islam consists of beliefs and practices; belief without practice is incomplete, and practice without belief is invalid. There are, of course, the five pillars of duties and the six pillars of belief which can be considered the core of Islam. But Islam is not limited to its core rules and regulations. It is a guideline for life. In particular, Islam is not considered to be complete without ethics and morals.

  • Ep 02: Characteristics Of A Good Muslim


    Mankind has the instinctive ability to differentiate between good and bad. People know that truthfulness, justice, charity and helping those in need are good things, while lying, injustice, cheating and oppression are bad things. BUT knowing is one thing, and practicing is a completely different story. A real Muslim is a true believer. And that core belief affects his entire life.

  • Ep 01: Beginnings Of The Faith


    Dr. Muhammed Al Kobaisi starts off Dubai One Tv's new show on Islam where it all began... The Prophet Mohammed's (Peace Be Upon Him) early days and how Islam came to Arabia and changed the world. Learn from the life and times of our dear Messenger (PBUH) this week and spend your Friday enlightened.